Why Choose F2?

Confidence to Perform.

Who We Are

F2 is a Woman-Owned, Veteran-Owned, Small Business. Our detail oriented, mission driven approach to support has given us a solid reputation of proven successes supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) across all branches. This expert level support is provided not only within the Contiguous United States but also East Asia, Iceland, Germany and US Territories across the globe.  Our drive for excellence creates a culture of concise and competent communication enabling us to successfully and efficiently manage contracts and personnel across the globe by monitoring risks and costs while successfully driving value for both F2 and its Customers.


F2's mission is to aggressively support the United States national security policies by providing our Federal and Defense Agencies with aggressive, comprehensive, best-value IT support. 

F2's mission is accomplished by ethical conduct, professional service, leveraging resources and the ability to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of our customers and missions. F2’s significant network of professional resources enables us to efficiently identify highly trained individuals with extensive experience and appropriate security clearances to support our government and commercial clients in all mission critical facets. F2 provides support to both Federal and State customers. Our previous and current customers include: The US NAVY (ONE-NET, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Center Far East, Theater Network Operations and Security Center, and Commander Pacific Fleet N6/KM Support), GSA (EITSSC, USSOUTHCOM), USMC (Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity, COMPACTFLT, US Army (Lifelong Learning Center), and US AIRFORCE (US Air Forces Central Command A2 Support).

Our Vision and Values

The foundation of our organization's vision is an effective, dynamic workforce that consistently strives for excellence through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on results. We accomplish this by ethical conduct, professional service, leveraging resources and the ability to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of our customers and missions. F2 incorporates our core values into all aspects of our organization, these values include commitment, integrity, responsiveness, collaboration, innovation and empowerment of our team.